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The name "Gem Diamond Products" is synonymous with quality. Every product that leaves our plant is backed by years of solid research for utmost customer satisfaction and comprehensively checked for conformance to the most exacting standards worldwide. 

State of the art equipment are procured for in-depth analysis of our products. For example, the Leeds and Northrup Microtrac X-100 is used to measure particle size distributions and contributes widely to our tightly graded range of diamond powders. The Image Analyzer ably supported with several stereo-microscopes allows for in-depth analysis and quality control over our range of diamond powders, shaped tools and electroplated products. SEM photographs are also routinely procured to check the health of nickel deposits for our range of electroplated tools. 

All this, so you can rest easy from the moment you think of placing an order with us till the moment you appreciate the performance of our tools!

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