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Diamond Powder and CBN

 Advances in engineering technologies along with requirements of tougher materials for component manufacturing has given rise to a situation where conventional abrasives are no longer effective. Since the past couple of decades, diamond and CBN have emerged as the preferred abrasive for a range of industries due to their considerable hardness, toughness and versatility in terms of materials that may be processed with their use.

At Gem Diamond Products, we are committed to providing the industry with the complete range of diamond and CBN powders including the 

Our superabrasives powder division is dedicated to providing the best diamond powder available worldwide. Beginning with sourcing of the best grade diamonds available worldwide, the powders are subject to a thorough cleaning and purification process to remove even the last traces of impurities. The powders are then graded using state-of-the-art machinery and then subjected to rigorous quality control procedures using sophisticated equipment such as the Leeds and Northrup Microtrac Laser Particle Size Analyzer and computerized Image Analysis techniques to ensure they are of the highest standard.

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