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Microtrac X-100

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Leeds and Northrup Microtrac X-100 Particle Size Analyzer

Sample Output Readout - Click Image to Enlarge


The Microtrac X-100 is a sophisticated Laser diffraction analysis machine using light scattering technique to compute a particle size distribution chart for particles in the range of 0.04 microns - 704 microns.

Dynamic light scattering (DLS)  theory is a well established technique for measuring particle size over the size range from a few nanometers to a few microns. When a coherent source of light (such as a laser) having a known frequency is directed at the moving particles, the light is scattered, but at a different frequency. The change in the frequency is quite similar to the change in frequency or pitch one hears when an ambulance with its wailing siren approaches and finally passes. The shift is termed a Doppler shift or broadening, and the concept is the same for light when it interacts with small moving particles. For the purposes of particle measurement, the shift in light frequency is related to the size of the particles causing the shift. Due to their higher average velocity, smaller particles cause a greater shift in the light frequency than larger particles. It is this difference in the frequency of the scattered light among particles of different sizes that is used to determine the sizes of the particles present. In the Microtrac, a continuous laser is used to illuminate particles in a stream of fluid passing through a special optical cell. The diffracted light is focused on a special photodetector which makes it possible to measure the intensity of light scattered at several different angles simultaneously. The intensities are analyzed using a built in microprocessor to give the volume fraction of the particles in size classes arranged in a 2 1/4 progression. The output is a set of numbers containing the particle size distribution which can be computed into number, area or volume based distributions. 

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