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Lapping Compounds


Gem Lapping Compounds are available with a wide range of oil, water, and universal (oil and water soluble) carriers for optimum performance in virtually all applications where cutting or finishing actions are required. Different formulations are used to manipulate carrier chemistry and impart specific properties to the carrier base. To meet varied requirements regarding lubricity and work-piece contamination issues, lapping compounds are available with Oil Soluble, Water Soluble and Universally Soluble carrier jellies. 

           Made strictly in compliance with international standards, our lapping compounds are color coded according to the size of the diamond particles added. 

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These lapping compounds are manufactured using the toughest and most tightly graded diamond micron powders for aggressive cutting action and exceptional surface smoothness. These are available in Low, Standard, and High concentrations, in tightly graded sizes ranging from 0.25 microns to 80 microns.

 Packings are available in 5 gm. syringes as well as 50 gm., 100 gm., 500 gm. and 1 kg. jars. 
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