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Electroplated Diamond  Slitting Discs


v     Used where aggressive cutting is required.

v     Economical due to low cost, and high rate of production.

v     Suitable for hand as well as machine operation.

v     Unlike sintered slitting saws, these do not require cooling as exposed diamonds trap air which acts as coolant.

v     Can be made in continuous or interrupted type with slots for further cooling  

v     Available in Sandwich and Detenso type for noiseless operation.

v     Widely used for slitting graphite, printed circuit boards, fiber reinforced glass and plastic, green tungsten carbides, stones, precious and semi-precious stones, etc.


Standard Types of Electrodeposited Diamond Slitting Discs  


Continuous Rim Slitting Discs  Slotted Rim Slitting Discs
  Without Pad  With Pad   Narrow Slots Wide Slots.  




Specifications for Ordering Electroplated Diamond Slitting Discs

1.             D           Outer Diameter of the disc (Available from 1 inch to 36 inches)  
            2.             d            Bore / Arbor Diameter  
            3.             T            Thickness (specify blank thickness or coated thickness starting at 0.8mm)  
            4.             r            “Return” provided for diamond coating (Standard 3 mm return)     
            5.             n            Number of slots with dimensions (in the case of interrupted slitting discs)  
            6.             G           Grit Size of Diamond to be used

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