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Graded Diamond Micron Powders

Advances in engineering technologies along with requirements of tougher materials for component manufacturing and an ever-growing appetite for better surface finish and luster on finished products has given rise to a situation where conventionally graded diamond powders are no longer effective. The answer to these evolving requirements is a dynamic target of tighter graded diamond powders to suit every material type and surface-finish requirement.

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Our superabrasive micron powder division is dedicated to providing the best diamond powder available for the entire range of industrial, lapidary and polishing applications. Beginning with sourcing of the best grade diamonds available worldwide, the powders are subject to a thorough cleaning and purification process to remove even the last traces of impurities. The powders are then graded using state-of-the-art machinery to the complete range of mesh and micron sizes, and then subjected to rigorous quality control procedures using sophisticated equipment such as the Leeds and Northrup Microtrac Laser Particle Size Analyzer and computerized Image Analysis techniques to ensure they are of the highest standard.

Image Analysis      Leeds & Northrup Microtrac X-100      Microscopy

     All our powders comply with the International FEPA standards, both in terms of individual particle characteristics such as shape and aspect ratio as well as in terms of Particle Size Distribution.

The advantage of using tightly graded diamond powders is made apparent by the following illustration. The first figure shows the performance of ungraded / broadly classified diamond powder when applied to a work-piece. As shown, when working pressure is applied at the plane of contact, the larger particles of diamond are the only ones that are being used, resulting in increased stress on the diamond crystals which ultimately causes their failure, and also increases the probability of scratch formation due to a limited number of crystals effecting material removal. Figure 2 shows the multiple points of contact, which are generated by the use of graded diamond micron powder. This not only reduces the stress on the individual diamond crystals resulting in longer life but also results in improved surface finish as all the crystals evenly effect material removal, thus reducing the susceptibility of scratch formation.

Applied Pressure      Applied Pressure     
Figure: 1  Figure: 2

                        Our range of premium graded micron diamond powder is available in every conceivable size distribution. However, we acknowledge that while our standard product line is sufficient for most applications, your requirements may be unique to your production process, be it lapping or honing or polishing. We commit our every resource to provide you with the graded micron powder of your specification. Our team of committed and highly motivated engineers is dedicated to make our range of graded micron powders the final answer to your surface finish requirements.      


0 - 0.25 P 5 - 10
0 - 0.5 L O 8 - 12
0 - 1 A L 10 - 15
0 - 2 P I 10 - 20
0 - 3 P S 15 - 25
1 - 2 I H 20 - 30
1 - 3 N I 25 - 35
2 - 4 G N 30 - 40
4 - 8 G 40 - 50


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